Changes To Operations

Like many businesses worldwide, the global pandemic has affected the way we do things at Noble in small and great ways. With a statewide shelter in place order, mandatory homeschooling added to our days, changes to supplier’s productions, and an increasing demand for cloth diapers, changes at Noble have proven necessary. Therefore, Noble will be shifting over to Ready to Ship stockings. 

~Ready to Ship items will restock twice a week. I will try to the best of my ability to stock in every size and color and restock by popular demand. All items will come with matching thread. 

~ Ready to Stitch and Ship. There will be a limited amount of cuts of fabric in varying colors and sizes waiting on your choice of thread color. These will be added in small quantities at every stocking. 

~ The first stocking will be Earth Day April 22nd at 10 AM EST for our sale. Stockings will then be Tuesdays at 9PM EST and Fridays at 12PM EST. 

~ Please know that the available inventory will be the max amount I can produce at that time. If an item is sold out please try again at the next stocking. I can not take on any special orders at this time. 

~ Remember that you can also shop with our stockists! 

United States:

Pannolino Bambino 




Lenduce Lana Y Polar 



~Keeping our carrier's safety and health in mind, we will be limiting our postal  pickups and drop offs to 2 days a week. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to navigate these current times. Wishing you health and all the best- Reina