Payment Plans

Setting up a payment plan is easy!


Step 1. Create your order

Add the items in the sizes and colors you need to your cart.

Step 2. Add your information

At checkout add your information. Hit "Proceed to shipping" This automatically creates a pending cart in your name. Please do not proceed to Pay! 

Step 3. Contact Noble

Email us with the name on the cart and the email address connected to your PayPal account at  An invoice with all of your order information will be issued as quickly as possible. 

Step 4. Make a down payment 

A minimum 25% down payment is required for payment plans. You then are allowed to make payments at your discretion as long as the order is paid in full by the 45th day due date. 


Terms and conditions:

*Minimum order of $50 is required to set up a payment plan. 

*Payment plans are to be paid in full within 45 days

*Sale prices are not applicable to payment plans.

*Free shipping thresholds at time of order will be applied 

*25% down payment is required withing 48 hours of initial invoicing or will be subject to cancellation

*Failure to pay as agreed will result in cancellation. A refund minus a 7% cancellation fee will be issued.