Prep, Wash and Care

Prepping New Nobles

Once you receive your Nobles in the mail you'll surely want to get them on the bum as soon as possible.

All it takes it two wash and dry cycles and you are ready to start using your items. These two washes can be with regular laundry as long as softeners are not used (plant based softeners are the only exception) The goal is to remove the natural oils in the fabrics so that the diapers can easily soak in the wetness. Our Bamboo Cotton blend continues to gain absorbency through the 8th to 10th wash, so they will get even better with time. 


If you have a set wash routine already set in place, these can join right in. Because they unfold to only two layers, they wash really well. I usually recommend the standard wash routine of:


1. Short/Quick Wash on Warm with a small amount of detergent

2. The longest full wash cycle available on your machine using hot water with full amount of detergent.

3. Extra rinse. This one can be tricky if you have hard water. Some people have reported mineral buildup with hard water doing this extra rinse. Some find it simply unnecessary. If your diapers feel and smell clean after step 2 (no detergent residue, bubbles or sliminess) you may opt to omit this rinse and see if it works for you. 

4. Line drying is economical and great on stains but you are safe to throw Nobles in the dryer! Remove promptly once dry to maintain the stretchiness our products are known for. 

Extra tips:

*Stay dry liners may be used if your baby's bum is sensitive to wetness and will help greatly with preventing stains. 

*Remove solids as soon as possible, especially on black and dark material. Although dark tones are great at hiding stains, they can become discolored if they sit soiled for too long, especially if baby has had any acidic foods. 

*When line drying, these can look stiff at first. Give them a little rub and you'll be surprised at just how buttery soft they quickly become.